About Tirgan Festival - Iranian Cultural Event in Toronto

Celebrating Tirgan, an ancient Iranian festival

The year 2006 brought to life the highly successful Persian festival, Under the Azure Dome, and marked our first collaboration with Harbourfront Centre. This year festival, Celebrating Tirgan, takes our past experience to new heights by commemorating Tirgan, an ancient Iranian celebration observed in the month of July. Our theme is 'exploring diversity’.

There are many legends on the origins of Tirgan. One legend has it that Iran and Turan, two long standing enemies, decided to declare peace by demarcating the boundaries between the two empires. Arash, the best archer in the Iranian army, was chosen to ascend Mount Damavand to shoot an arrow whose landing location would determine the boundary. The arrow flew from dawn to noon and fell on the banks of Jihun, and the boundaries of Iran expanded beyond all expectations. This led to Tirgan festival, and contributed to enhancing the richness of the Iranian culture over the course of three millennia. Today, Iran’s population is composed of over fifteen different ethnic groups with their own dialect or language, outfit, music, dance, and cuisine. Iran is also home to many religions such as Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Judaism, Bahaism, and Ismailism.

We will present Iranian art and culture through a four-day festival in Toronto, a city that rightfully prides itself in welcoming diversity. We are making a deliberate effort to include contributions from various ethnic groups in Iran in as many art forms as possible. Celebrating Tirgan will showcase internationally acclaimed as well as local artists and performers of Iranian descent, who celebrate Iranian heritage through music, dance, theatre, cinema, literature, and visual arts. The festival also features Iranian cuisine and special arts and crafts presentations made available by vendor kiosks. This is going to be an engaging, educating, and entertaining experience for a wide range of audiences. 

We are extremely excited to share our rich heritage with all Canadians and people visiting our four-day event from various countries around the world.

Tirgan Festival Budget