The Iranian Canadian Centre for Art and Culture, ICCAC, is a not-for-profit , non-partisan and non-religious organization, registered under the Canadian Corporation Act in Ontario, Canada. ICCAC has a dynamic team whose members have been active in a wide range of artistic, cultural, social, and academic fields. Our common vision and diverse backgrounds will allow us to implement our ideas in an all-inclusive way. With community and youth leaders on the Board, we are in a strong position to plan ‘Once Upon a Time’ in a way that would include specific events, emphasizing on youth, women, and seniors.  With the success of Under the Azure Dome (www.undertheazuredome.ca), the previous festival held at the Harbourfront Centre, we are confident that with the help of friends, volunteers, and sponsors, “Once Upon a Time” will surpass our expectations in terms of quality and outreach.



ICCAC Organizational chart

Organizational Chart